I’m a geek. It’s probably for the best that I get that out first. I could go into all the reasons why I’m a geek but the list would get very long very quickly. You would lose interest because you wouldn’t care or be interested in what I’ve done. I’ll avoid all that by filling you in on how me being a geek is a good thing for you.

Where to start? I could go into the fact that I’ve spent countless hours fine tuning the focus on my camera and lenses to be accurate within millimeters but a photographer having good, well performing equipment is pretty much assumed. I guess the same applies for my attention to detail which is way too much but I probably get that from my degree in mechanical engineering. No, I think I’ll start with my passion and the fact that I’m a doer. I’d rather give it a shot than sit back and think what would have happened if. I strive for excellence which doesn’t happen if you sit back waiting on it.

Keep scrolling down to find out more about the services I offer with all my work, like how I always include digital copies, and how to get in touch with me.

Services Offered


Well this one service is kind of a given. It is a little hard to have a photography business without photography. So it goes without saying this service is included on any job.

Touch Up

Taking the picture is just part of the work when it comes to making an image. Back in the day it used to be chemicals, dodging, burning and more to develop the final image. Now it’s all done on the computer. This is one of the services that is just expected of a photographer and rightly so. I include this with all the work I do.

Digital Delivery

A print, what is that? In this age of digital media I feel that there is no reason not to expect digital copies of the images. How else are you supposed to update your profile picture if you can’t download a copy? Digital copies of the images are provided for all my work.


Nothing beats the satisfaction of having a nice, high quality print to show off. Maybe it’s just me being a photographer but I don’t think the image is done until I can hold it in my hands. Printing is one of the services I offer. Everything from wallet sizes to giant 20″ x 30″ prints, albums, cards, wraps, and more from a professional lab.



I offer packages for headshots, portrait shoots from one hour to all day depending on your needs and the size of the group or family. The most common session I do is usually about an hour at local park such as Dorothy B. Oven or Maclay Gardens.

Additionally I offer portrait sessions for soon-to-be graduates which are usually done on campus but that's up to you.


The starting package is for up to six hours of coverage at the wedding and reception and includes all the services listed above.

I also offer packages that bundle bridal sessions and/or engagement sessions along with the wedding session.

Nothing is set in stone so I’ll gladly work with you to get just what you want.

Maternity & Infant

I offer single sessions with the mother-to-be or the infant along with varying packages.

The packages can be tailored to fit your wants but the most common is a session with the mother-to-be before her due date then another session of the newborn at about a week old.


Shoot me an email and I'll get back to you quickly - patrick.landy { @ } gmail .com