Devon & Rachel’s Wedding

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Devon & Rachel’s Wedding

A month or so ago I had a post for a couple that I did an engagement photo session with, Devon & Rachel. Today I’m happy to share with the world some pictures from their wedding which was recently.

Devon and Rachel got married on a beautiful Sunday morning at Golden Eagle County Club in Tallahassee.  The temperature was just right, I don’t think it got into the 80’s until the afternoon, it was the first day that made me think summer was over.  Taking full advantage of the weather the ceremony was held outside on the lawn next to the lake.

After the wedding everything went as most weddings go.  We did our pictures of Devon & Rachel, then with everyone in the family and bridal party in every combination possible.  After that there was the grand announcement of the couple and entrance at the reception followed immediately by the first dances then the meal which was exceptional as always from the Golden Eagle kitchen. After all that I was a little shocked by what happened. For most weddings I’ve been to it take a little bit of time (and alcohol) to get anyone out on the dance floor, more so for a daytime wedding. Not for this group, after the cutting of the cake the music picked up and it seemed like everyone was out on the dance floor and it wasn’t just for one song. A lot of the guests were breaking it down and having a fun time.  I’ve always felt a good sign of how the guests are enjoying the wedding is by looking to see how many people are dancing.  Going by that it seemed like the wedding was a hit because just about everyone was out on the dance floor at some point.

Congratulations to Devon & Rachel on their wedding. I’ve posted some of the images from the wedding over here.  You can also click the image below to jump to more pictures.


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