Blessing of the Animals

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Blessing of the Animals

Earlier this month our church held a blessing of the animals event.  From what I’ve read this is a tradition that dates back to the thirteenth century or so. That is a long time! Then again with how awesome animals and family pets can be I’m not surprised people have been blessing them for that long.

Shortly after finding out about the event out pastor asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking some pictures of the people with there pets.  I though that was a great idea, animals are awesome.  Our family is a definitely a big pet and animals loving family, we have a pretty good diversity of animals at our house. We have both a dog and a cat and a pair of goldfish.

The event was a lot of fun, how could it not be with a bunch of happy animals around.  There were probably around twenty animals or all at the event with all but a two being dogs.  Besides the dogs there was one cat of a lease (my first time ever seeing that), which didn’t care at all that there were so many dogs around and a rabbit. Not everyone opted to get their pictures taken but for those that did you can click here or the picture below to see a gallery of images. I’m looking forward to doing this again next year.


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