Washington DC

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Washington DC

Back in August we made a trip to Washington DC for an extended weekend. We spent the weekend eating good and taking the city in at our usual pace which is probably much faster the most. The first day we spent a lot of time walking and riding in the subway from place to place. After getting frustrated and bother by how rude people can be we took matters into our own hands and hit up the bike ride sharing program, Capital Bike Share.

The bike share was great, we could get where we wanted to go at the pace we wanted. We traveled all over the city from one memorial to the next, one museum to the next, and from one government building to the next and had a great time.

Below are some pictures from out trip


Arlington National Cemetery.  The Washington Monument is visible off in the distance.


Tomb of the Unknowns. This was taken just prior to the changing of the guards ceremony.


2500px-web-1326 Jefferson Memorial. This place is pretty cool at night with the lights and the view outside over the water looking back at the National Mall.


View of the National Mall at night from the Jefferson Memorial.  The Washington Monument is on right and to the left is the Lincoln Memorial.


Jefferson Memorial viewed from a paddle boat.


A little red car we saw while walking through Georgetown.


Looking down Pennsylvania Ave toward the capital. This was taken at 9th St NW & Pennsylvania Ave NW. If it wasn’t for the GPS tag by the camera I wouldn’t have been able to positively identify where this was taken from.


Escalator leading up from the Metro station at DuPont Circle.


An elephant from the Nation Museum of Natural History.

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