New York City

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New York City

Last fall I was fortunate to make my first trip to New York City. The whole trip came about because of a mistake by Delta. Earlier in the year I was booked on a flight from Tallahassee to Detroit when I got bumped from the flight. Delta had over sold the flight which happens occasionally I’m told. I think the reason I got bumped was due to my curious nature.

I say it was my own fault that I got bumped because apparently in a way I volunteered myself. Shortly after arriving at the airport, getting through security, and making it the gate I overheard the Delta representative Delta travel vouchers to anyone who would volunteer to be bumped from the flight. First they started at $100. After getting no backers they began to increase the incentive; after a few rounds of this offer the value was up to $500. Me being curious I went up to the counter to see what exactly it was she was offering, unbeknownst to me I just volunteered myself.

The offer was Delta would get me to Detroit but it might not be through Atlanta like my original flight plan, provide meal vouchers, and then give me a $500 Delta credit. That didn’t sound too bad but I wasn’t really interested in possibly being stuck traveling all day so I told the representative thanks for the info and I’d think about it.

Not too long later the flight starts to board and at the same time I get paged over the intercom to come up to the counter along with two other fliers. A little confused, I approach and the representative has a new ticket for me. She thanks us for volunteering to take the Delta offer and so on. She then hands each of us our flight credit and new ticket. While I was still in shock that I’d “volunteered” I decided I wouldn’t object, it would be nice to have a credit toward a flight.

The next thing the representative told me surprised me more than anything up to this point. She explained to us that Delta didn’t have any more flights out of Tallahassee that day so they were hiring a taxi service to drive us up to Valdosta to catch a flight to Atlanta. So lucky us, we weren’t just going to sit around the airport waiting on the next flight we got to ride in taxi with a crazy drive for an hour and half up to Valdosta. From there the adventure continued with plane troubles and delays in Valdosta, missing my original connection flight in Atlanta, not getting in to Detroit until close to midnight, and checking into my hotel around 1 am. All in all it was an interesting trip.

I went through all that to say it was worth every minute. I squeezed the vouched as much as I could and ended up being able to get two trips out of it. The first one was a trip with my wife to Washington DC for our anniversary. We had a lot of fun there. I posted a little on that trip earlier here. The second trip was a weekend trip to New York City.

After using the voucher for the trip to DC there was still credit left over so I started looking at where I could go. Having a free flight sounds great but the trip that accompanies the flight can quickly add up in cost. There are hotel costs, rental cars, eating and so on. After looking around I started to get discouraged, I wasn’t going be able to go anywhere without spending a decent amount of money. That was when a family member offered to let me stay with them in New York City.

At this point my travel and lodging would be covered on a trip to New York City, how could I say no?

I went to New York City the first weekend of November and walked just about everywhere. It was a great time to go, the weather was great and the fall leaves were changing. It wasn’t a long stay, just two nights but I had a great time. Below are some of the pictures I took on my trip. I look forward to making another trip to New York City, there is just so much to do and see there.


Some fall leaves in central parkChanging Seasons Fall in the Park
Some other shots from around Central Park
Play ball!

Autumn day in the park

Sailing on the Conservatory

Central Park Zoo


Morning Stroll


Early morning sunrise and eclipse
Good Morning

Partial Eclipse



Some miscellaneous shots from walking aroundRats with wings

Grand Central Terminal

Inside the Grand Central Terminal

The Lincoln Center

Greenwich Village

Heavy Lifting

Passage to the other side

Radio City Music Hall

The United Nations



Views from the Brooklyn Bridge
Lower Manhattan

Brooklyn Bridge

Empire State Building

The Statue of Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge

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