Engagement Session

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Engagement Session

Allow me to introduce Devon and Rachel, soon to be newlyweds.  Shortly after contracting with them to work on their wedding Rachel contacted me to tell me that they were in the process of moving and the engagement session we had planned would need to be pushed back until they got settled in.  Maybe it was just me jumping to assumptions but when she told me they were moving I imagined they were moving apartments or houses, something along that line.  It turns out they had something a little more drastic in mind.  They moved not across town, not to just to a different city but also to a different state.  From what it sounds like Devon got a great opportunity with work so they relocated all the way up to Macon, GA.

I mention all of that because for a little while there I was starting to get concerned that we weren’t to be able to get together for the engagement session.  To me this is kind of a big deal because it is a chance for me to get to work with the couple before the big wedding day.  An engagement session gives the couple some experience being the subject of a photos, working with the camera, and going through any awkward stage of being the center of attention in pictures.  For me it gives me a chance to interact with the couple and to build a rapport that just helps to make the wedding day go smoothly.

Fortunately, we were able to get everything to work out.  I met up with these two while they were in town for a wedding shower and took their pictures afterward.  They make a wonderful couple and I look forward to their wedding next month here in Tallahassee at Golden Eagle.

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