General Dynamics Holiday Parties

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General Dynamics Holiday Parties

Another year has passed already. The older I get the faster time just seems to slip by. Once again it that time of the year again when General Dynamics Land Systems has its annual holiday parties.  I may have said it last year but I think it is pretty neat that they break the party up into two holiday parties, one for the children and family, the other for the adults.  That way both groups get the opportunity to attend a party and enjoy themselves.

For the children’s party this year there was a little bit of a change-up. Last year the party was at Funstation Jr which had games and activities more targeted toward the younger crowd.  This year the party was at Funstation and had activities such as laser tag, go karts, golf, arcades, and the such. From what I could tell from my spot behind the camera, everyone enjoyed themselves.

After how last years Children’s party went we knew we needed to not rely on the location for decorating to take pictures with Santa.  Last year the room we were in was underwater themed.  As you can imagine it took a good deal of effort and creative masking off to make it look like Santa wasn’t swimming with the fish.  So this year we took the decor into our own hands.  We brought fabric and hung it from the rafters and then borrowed a chair from General Dynamics for Santa to sit in.  All in all for a minimal amount of effort the setting for pictures with Santa came out much more Christmas-like than they did the previous year.

Just like last year the adult party was at Golden Eagle Country Club. The club is a great place for parties.  The food is always great and the location is nice.  When you first walk in the door there is a huge Christmas tree in the foyer.  This makes my job easy, at least for picking a backdrop and setting up.  I positioned myself just like the previous year so people can pose next to the tree to get their image taken.  This also works out well because I can then catch people as they are arriving and give them the chance to get their picture taken. Since I went into this knowing what to expect this year I was able to try something new.  Since the pictures we in a static position I set up a 24″ computer monitor, rotated it so it stood portrait and then connected it to my camera.  Then as I took pictures the subject(s) could see the results in real-time and then have the opportunity to retake the shot and in turn approve the one they were satisfied with. Everyone seemed to enjoy being able to see how the pictures came out. This had the added benefit of making my job easier when touching up the pictures because I didn’t have to sort through and pick out the keeps and rejects.  I already knew which images people liked.

Below are the links to the pictures from the two holiday parties.  Click on either the link or the image to view.

Kids party


Adult party


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