Only 40 Days to Christmas

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Only 40 Days to Christmas

That’s right, just like every year Christmas is sneaking up on us fast.

If you haven’t done it yet you probably need to get the ball rolling. By “it” I mean get your family pictures taken for Christmas Cards.  Don’t worry you still have time.  A few weeks ago I hosted a Card-a-Palooza event in both Tallahassee and Jacksonville.  For those of you who don’t know what my Card-a-Palooza event was I’ll sum it up.  I set up at a park for family portraits.  People then come by to get their family pictures taken for a discounted price that still includes all my usual services.  It works out well for both parties involved.  This way I can meet some awesome new people and families and then said families can get their Christmas card picture taken.

Well I’m happy to announce a Tallahassee Card-a-Palooza Redux for those who were unable to make it to the last event or didn’t hear about it in time. The premise this go around is the same but instead of me setting up at a park and having people come by this time I’m going to book sections of time for people.  That way there isn’t a crowd of people showing up at once or if for some reason the weather doesn’t cooperate I can contact you to let you know how the plans are affected.

So the Redux will be the weekend of November 23-24 on Saturday and/or Sunday depending on your schedules and demand.  I will start booking appointments today so navigate over to my contact page to set your time.

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