Christmas Card-a-Palooza!

I’m excited to announce the first annual Christmas Card-a-Palooza.  The event will take place at Guyte P McCord park which is located at the corner of Thomasville Rd and Armstead Rd in Tallahassee on Saturday, October 19th.  The time will be between 10 am and 12 pm for walk ups and reservation time available throughout the day.

You might ask, what is a Card-a-Palooza?  A Card-a-Palooza is an event in which I, the photographer, will be at a park taking pictures for individuals and families for use as Christmas or Holiday cards.  All you have to do is show up and I’ll take your pictures at either the walk up time or another time you have set up by reservation.  After I take the pictures I’ll do my usual thing (see services) then deliver the images to you electronically for only $50. Pretty awesome deal I’d say! Plus doing it this far in advance before the holidays give you a fighting chance to actually getting your cards out in time this year.

Here is a quick recap in the form of a flyer:



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