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Photo Challenge

So the other day I was checking my rss feeds on Feedly when I noticed one of the tech blogs I read was holding a photo challenge.  This wasn’t anything out of normally I think they typically hold one every week or two.  I’ve always considered doing it but be it as it is I hadn’t ever participated.

This week when I saw the article I just happened to be home with Cole. After reading it I asked him if he wanted to go outside and take some pictures of bugs with me.  Of course his response was “yeah!” So I grabbed my camera and he grabbed his own (VTech Kidizoom). We walked outside and right there in front of us.  Sitting on the edge of the outside furniture, was a big dragonfly! So as stealthy as a two-year old can be we crept up to the bug to try taking a shot of it.  Fortunately for us the bug didn’t seem to mind us in the least.  We could get as close to him as we wanted. At one point Cole poked the bug in its eye without him even so much as flinching.

So with our target in our sights I proceeded to take a few pictures.  I was experimenting with my macro lens and the extremely shallow depth of field when at minimum focus distance while at the same time Cole was practicing with his camera.  After every shot he took he would shout out “my click bug!”

We had a good time taking picture and I got a shot I was felt comfortable submitting to the Challenge.  The picture ended up getting picked and published by the blog.  You can see it here.  It’s a photo challenge not a contest so while there is a winner there aren’t any awards.  Mine is the third one down from the top.

Shots Taken by Me

 Shots Taken by Cole

I think he did excellent!

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