My Brother’s Wedding

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My Brother’s Wedding

Congratulations to my brother and his bide on their recent wedding!  They got married recently down in St. Petersburg, FL.  There was a Catholic service at St. John Vianney then a Hindu ceremony and reception at Tampa Bay Watch.


This wedding was a little different then ones I’ve attended lately due to the fact that I wasn’t the hired photographer.  As a matter of fact I was rather limited on what pictures I could take because I was in the wedding as a groomsman.  It’s kind of hard to take a picture of the couple when you are expected to do the duties of a groomsman.  Another reason I was a little limited is because there was a hired photographer.  I know how much I dislike when I’m the hired photographer and a family member or friend with a DSLR interferes with me doing my job at a wedding so I made sure to not interfere.


Things have been a little busy around here lately so I haven’t had a chance to finish up the images. So far I’ve made it through the rehearsal, Catholic ceremony, and cocktail hour which puts me about half way. For everyone who keeps asking me here is something to hopefully hold you over with until I’m done with the rest.

More to come (soonish). . .

Link to gallery of images





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