Family, Baby, & Bride

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Family, Baby, & Bride

A few weeks ago on a beautiful spring Saturday I took some pictures for a family at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens.  While spring time weather doesn’t last that long in Florida before the heat and humidity of summer take over this was one of those wonderful spring weather days we don’t quite get enough of.

As it turns out the family I was to taking pictures for said they get together every year around this time to take family pictures.  This year the group was going to be a little bigger than the past because over the course of the past year there had been some additions to the family from marriages and a baby.

Not only was the group going to be a pretty good size, 7 people, but there was a little more to photograph then the typical family portrait.  Of course there was the baby to take pictures of which is always fun but there was also something a little more.  As it turns out one of the brothers got married but never had any pictures done. That’s right, so in addition to family pictures and baby pictures there was also a bride in her wedding dress along her husband, a Marine in his dress garb.

As crazy as all that may sound we had a great time.  Yes, the photo shoot made for a rather interesting mix of photographs but it was a lot of fun and probably a shoot I won’t ever forget.














Marine & his Bride

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