Spring Break

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Spring Break

So our son who is in preschool, is already having spring breaks.  This leaves two options for us; find alternate child care for a week or turn his spring break into a family vacation.  We picked the later and took a trip to south St. Augustine beach for some time in the sun and sand.

Being that my wife and myself were both born and raised in Florida when we plan a beach vacation the items we tend to think of and pack are swimsuits, towels, sun screen, flip flops, and so on.  This time was no exception, we went about or business packing and getting ready as usual.  Shortly before packing the car one of us had the presence of mind to check the weather.  To our shock it was going to be a little chillier then we had unconsciously though. With averages around 60 and lows into the lower 40’s.  With a few alterations and additions to our packs we were ready to go.

The beach was a little chilly but over all it was a great time.  The first day was the warmest so we were able to run around in bathing suits and t-shirts.  Cole got knocked over by a wave early on when we walked out to our ankles so from then on out he wouldn’t get any closer to the water then the high water line.  If we got closer he would shout to us “water coming!”.

Like any good beach trip we also spent time playing in the sand building castles and then tearing them down. We also showed Cole how to chase off annoying seagulls but he didn’t quite understand.  He would run at the birds then as they flew away he would yell “wait!” or “stop”.

Being that we were on vacation most people would take it as a chance to catch up on some sleep.  Not me I staying up late and taking pictures of the night and stars (when there wasn’t any clouds) and then getting up early the next morning to catch the sunrise.

Also on the way back into town we made a stop over at one of Cole’s cousin’s birthday party; hence the horse picture (more on that here).







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