Blog post for Averee

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Blog post for Averee

Over spring break we had the opportunity to attend our niece Averee’s birthday party.  At some point during the party Averee and her friends approached me and told me that I needed to “blog about them”.  Surprised and not entirely sure what she meant or intended I said sure, why not.  It’s not like I could say no to the birthday girl.


Little girls and horses/ponies go together like peanut butter and jelly so naturally Averee’s party was at a farm with horses. The plan for the party was to ride horses and ponies out in the yard and then bouncy house for the kids to play in while they waited their turn to ride.  Well that didn’t exactly workout.  There was a tremendous storm that came through the day of the party that dropped hail and tornadoes in some parts of the city.  Fortunately for us we only got rain but that was enough to cause a change in the party plans.  Instead of riding the horses outside the kids rode them up and down the stable while the others waited their turn and feed the goats.  It all seemed to work out and the kids had a good time which was the important part.



After the riding there was some snacks then of course, birthday cake.



While we were finishing up the food and cakes the weather finally dies down and stopped raining.  In no time at all the kids started to slip away to go play in the puddles outside and get nice and dirty. That about wraps up my post as requested by the birthday girl, Miss Averee.




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