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Website Additions

I’ve recently made a few additions to the site to help out visitors who are looking to see what kind of services I provide. More specifically I’ve added a new page that goes over the general pricing scheme I use for different services. That page is located under the menu item “About” and is titled “Pricing”, here is a direct link.

My reasoning for doing this is pretty simple. Not to long ago I was looking online to hire a service. After going to a handful of website I got annoyed because nobody had any prices on their site, all they said was something along the line of “contact us for pricing”. The first thing I did when I saw this was to move onto another site. During my hunt it hit me, I don’t have pricing on my page! I could potentially be missing out on clients for something as simple as not having a listing of services provided and at what cost.

The next addition is more of a restructuring then anything. Before I had a single page that contained my portfolio for a number of different genres. I’ve now broken that out into a number of categories now. On the menu bar now there is a drop down under portfolio which lists the categories: Family, Maternity & Infant, Other, Portrait, Corporate, Wedding & Engagement, and Event.


PS: Here is a teaser image for an up coming post.  I have a new piece of equipment that I’m currently putting through its paces.  Soon enough I’ll share what I’ve learned.


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