General Dynamics Land Systems Adult’s Christmas Party

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General Dynamics Land Systems Adult’s Christmas Party

This year I had the opportunity to take pictures for General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) Tallahassee at their Christmas parties.  I say parties because the package is a twofer.  Every year GDLS throws two parties to celebrate the holidays.  The first one is a little earlier in the year and its a chance for families to get together, have a good time, meet Santa, and get a few presents.   I went more into that party here.

The Adult’s party is a little more formal then the children’s party.  The event was held at the Golden Eagle Country Club on December 14th, 2012.  The event included hors d’oeuvre, drinks, a sit down dinner, and a DJ.

I was stationed in the foyer near the front door as the guests arrived to take pictures as they came in.  I set up my lighting next to an absolutely massive Christmas tree.  The tree had to be close to 20 feet or so in height, it extended above the second floor landing and nearly to the ceiling. I was positioned at the entrance so I could get pictures as the people arrived to the party.  The majority of the people volunteered to have their picture taken, a few I had to talk into it, and then of course there were some who pretended not to see me and walked right on by.  After being by the door for a couple hours people stopped coming in so packed up my lighting equipment to get it out of the way and moved on to getting “action” shots of the party.  There were people having a good time talking, eating, and even some people breaking it down on the dance floor.

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