Trina’s Maternity Pictures

While we were in Jacksonville back in November I had the opportunity to take maternity pictures for Trina.  We met at Alpine Groves Park in St. John’s county.  Some of you may recognize the name of the park.  It was where I took the pictures for the HDR overview which can be found here.  The park is an old Florida citrus farm that is in the process of being restored.  There are a lot of old oak trees on the property along the St. Johns river, and old white farm house, barn and shed with a bunch of rusty equipment; in other words a great place for pictures.

This maternity shoot was different then most due to the fact Trina already has a couple of kids and she wanted to incorporate the family into the pictures.  This was fine with me because I always have fun taking pictures with groups and especially kids.  Matthew and Averee did a great job behaving for the pictures especially when you take into account it was a little cold and pretty windy.

The button below will link to the gallery for more pictures of Trina and her family.

Photo Gallery

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