Worldwide Photo Walk Tallahassee

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Worldwide Photo Walk Tallahassee


As I mentioned in a prior post, I took part in Scott Kelby’s Fifth Annual Worldwide Photo Walk on October 13th.  At varying times and locations there were over a thousand walks and thousands of walkers taking part (the final number ended up being: 1339 registered walks and 31749 walkers).  The photo walk I participated in started at the Railroad Square Art Park and then went to the old Amtrak train station. There were close to 30 people at our walk, most of them are in the group picture which was taken by Miguel (Mike) Olivella,  Mike was the photo walk leader and did a great job orchestrating our group.

Image from the walk leader Miguel (Mike) Olivella of BaselineShots Photography,


The Railroad Square Art Park was an interesting place to take photos.  The area is known for its locally owned shops and art studios.  I’m not a big art buff outside of photography so I asked around and the art in the area is typically classified as alternative. Needless to say the are was full of vibrant colors interesting compositions and creative works to admire. I will say some of the art was beyond my realm of understanding.

I was spoiled on the photo walk.  One of my friends who is a fellow photographer was on the walk we me.  At the start of the walk we switched lens so we could both try something new.  He got my 70-200mm f/4 L and I got his 135mm f/2 L. After one shot I was in love, so much so that I added the lens to my Amazon wish list while on the photo walk.  What I liked so much was how sharp the lens was wide open at f/2 and how fast the depth of field fell of to a soft bokeh, see the flower picture below.  Out of the nearly 50 images I took only four were with a different lens (my wide-angle because I wanted to capture a wider perspective).

The photo walk was a blast just like the year before.  I’m looking forward to next year.  Click the link below to see all the pictures I took.

Photo Gallery

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