Georgia Wedding

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Georgia Wedding

Hastings and Sabrina’s wedding was in southern Georgia; located in just about the middle of nowhere.  I’m just kidding but the location was a little isolated.  Hastings and Sabrina got married at Gin Creek Plantation which is in Hartsfield, GA on Saturday May  26th, 2012.  Hartsfield is an unincorporated town outside of Moultie in Colquitt County which is located in the southern part of Georgia.

Gin Creek is a beautiful destination wedding location.  The property is located on a 20 acre lake which is surrounded with all the pines, oak trees, and other plants you would expect to find in the south. The property has a number of accommodations from two locations to choose from for the ceremony. a reception hall, and cottages for the wedding party, family, and newly weds to stay before and after the ceremony.

The wedding was a very fun day.  I kicked the day off by meeting with Hastings and his groomsmen at their cabin on the property.  Both the Bride and Groom stayed at Gin Creek the day before with their corresponding wedding party in their own cabin.

I had a blast taking pictures of Hastings and his groomsmen they were a great group of guys, very funny and cooperative to work with.    As I was finishing up with the guys I got word that Sabrina was ready for me so I went over to her cabin and started taking pictures of her getting ready.  From there on I was with Sabrina and her bridesmaids until the wedding started.

Next up was the ceremony which was gorgeous between all the decorations and being at a wonderful location.  After the ceremony there was a cocktail hour and then a wonderful sit down dinner in the reception hall. Once the meal was completed the bride and groom got up to cut the cake.  This had to be one of the more memorable cake cutting I’ve seen.  I went into it expecting the typical groom cuts cake and feeds his bride then the bride cuts the cake and shoving it all over his face.  To my surprise and most eveyone else they got out an actual sword, a Sabre I believe, to cut the cake with!  It was pretty cool, the weapon looked like it had some history to it.  I heard later that it’s a family heirloom on the grooms side.

After that there was toasting and then a lot of dancing outside on the dance floor.  You can always tell its a good wedding when people get out on the dance floor. This one was no exception, there were so many people on the floor there was barely any room to breath.  I think just about everyone was out there.  Not only were people dancing and having a good time but they were still going strong at midnight when I packed up for my late night drive to Jacksonville for the Memorial Day weekend.

My best wishes to the newly weds.  Here are some pictures from the wedding and at the bottom is a link to more.


There are more pictures if you click the link below.

Photo Gallery



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