Let’s Try Something New

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Let’s Try Something New

This post is going to be a little different than all the other posts I’ve made so far.  Up till now most of my posts have had to do mostly with a photo shoot I’ve recently complete.  I’ve been trying to decide what else I could talk about when finally got some inspiration, why don’t I review some of the products I use every day.  Being a photographer my collection of equipment and gear large and ever expanding. Just this past week I got a new monitor calibration tool, which I’ll go into at a later date since I need to break it in and test it out.  So last night I was looking at my gear and the right away I knew what to start this series off with, my Lowepro Classified Sling 220 AW.


I’ll start off by saying hands down this is the best camera bag I’ve ever used or owned.  With that in mind I’ll back up a little and explain the name.  For those of you who don’t recognize the name, Lowepro has been making photography bags for over 40 years and are a recognized leader in the industry.

The next part of the name, Classified, refers to the style of the bag.  There is nothing flashy that would shout “this bag has thousands of dollars of photography equipment in it, steal me!”  This is important to me because when we went to Italy back in 2008, I had a different bag at the time; I got a little frightened when we were at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.  There were a number of gypsies that were hanging around the area because of all the tourist and I felt like I had a big target painted on my back the whole time we were there.  Fortunately I had locks on all the zippers of my bag because I could have sworn on a number of occasions someone tried to get into the bag when we were walking through the crowd.  I ended up turning my bag around and wearing it on my chest until we were out of the area.


Sling is kind of self-explanatory; the bag is a sling so it goes over only one shoulder.  This is one of the best features of the bag because if I need to get into the bag all I have to do it rotate it around so the bag is in front.  Once the bag is in front there is a side pocket so I can easily access everything in the bag.  This is especially convenient if I need to say, change a lens.  I can take off the current lens, put it into the bag, and then put on a new lens without ever having to take off the bag or find some place to set the lens I took off while putting on the new one.

The last part of the name is 220 AW.  The 220 is related to the size.  The bag is offered in two varieties, the 180 and 220, the 220 is the larger of the two.  The “AW” is another great feature.  There is a hidden pocket on the bottom side of the bag that stores an all weather cover.  So if it the weather starts to get bad or rain you can deploy the cover in a matter of seconds to keep out water.

So with all that in mind I highly recommend this bag.  I’ll wrap this up by going over what I typically carry in my bag.

  • Canon camera with battery grip
  • Canon general purpose f/4 zoom lens
  • Canon telephoto f/4 zoom lens
  • Canon f/1.4 prime lens
  • 1 Canon flash and 1 Yongnuo flash
  • Wireless flash trigger and 2 receivers
  • 2 Westcott collapsible umbrellas
  • 2 Manfrotto swivel umbrella adapter
  • 1 Manfrotto super clamp
  • 2 Spare Canon batteries & 8 spare NiMH AA batteries
  • 3 Spare memory cards
  • Kindle Fire
  • Cleaning stuff; LensPen, Rocket air Blower (Small), brush, cloth, and solution
  • Sometimes a flash stand or a tripod depending on my needs
  • And an assortment of other odds and ends


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