Bridal Shoot

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Bridal Shoot

Earlier this Spring I did a bridal shoot for one of the brides that I was doing a wedding for later in the year.  Now that the wedding is over I can show off the pictures.  We had a great time during the shoot. We were up in Hartsfield, Georgia at Gin Creek which is a destination wedding resort. The location was very nice with a number of good backgrounds and settings for pictures.

The day started off inside one of the cabins on the property.  After taking pictures inside we proceeded to go outside to get some pictures along the lake.  As soon as we walked outside we were hit by something none of us expected or prepared for.  I suppose you could say it was cloudy.  Not in the sense of weather clouds but in the sense that a cloud of bugs descended upon us!  I was born and raised in Florida so I’m use to the buzz of mosquitos and other insects flying around when you walk outside but I was completely unprepared for the assult that took place when we walked outside.  There  were hundreds of gnats and no-see-ums buzzing around us.  There was no place safe from them.  They got into our eyes, mouth, ears, everywhere.  Fortunately we were spared somewhat when the wind was blowing.  In between gusts of wind the maid of honor earned her title by fanning the bride to keep the bugs off her.

With the exception of the bugs it was a great day.  So with no further adieu here are some pictures from that shoot.

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