Dirty Pig!

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Dirty Pig!

Red Face

I just can’t believe it, our little man is one year old.  It just blows my mind thinking back how the little guy went from being a tiny (if you consider a eight and half pound baby tiny) new born to a crazy man running around the house getting into all kinds of trouble.  Watching him grow and develop a personality has been one of the greatest experiences in my life.  I just can’t wait to see what the years to come will hold for my little guy.

Here are a few images from the party. The rest of the images are in a gallery. Click the link below to see them

Cole’s First Birthday Gallery



PS: Dirty pig isn’t what we call Cole.  That was his toy which inspired us to have a farm animal theme birthday party.

Little Cowboy

It sure was good

 Little Dirty Pig 

Dad, Son & Grandson 

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