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After a number of long nights, lunch hours, and every free moment I could spare the site is live!  I’ve been working on this for a little over a month now.  After going through two site designs and multiple iterations of each I’ve finally got one tweaked just the way I like it.  All I can say is if I never have to touch a line of html of edit a CSS file again I wouldn’t miss it.  With all that said the site is at about 90% done I’d say.  There are a few more features and pages I’ve got in the works but for now I’m celebrating that I feel comfortable to go live.


Please come with me as I give a brief tour and overview of the site.

The menu bar above is the link to everything.  The “About” section goes over “Who I Am” and “What I Do”.  These two sections go into a little more detail about me and the services I offer.


The next item on the menu bar is the “Blog” section.  This contains my ramblings and off the wall comments and ideas on any and everything.

The section after blog is “Portfolio”.  This is my collection of my favorite work.  A lot of times this is my best work but sometimes this will be pictures that for whatever reason I have an attraction towards.

If you continue down the menu bar the next item you get to is “Recent Work”.  This is where you can check out the stuff I’ve done recently.  When I post a picture anywhere on the site it will show up there.  Items are sorted from newest to oldest.

The last section on the menu is “Contact”.  This is an important section because this is how you can get in touch with me.  Yes its a form you have to fill out but that is the only option  I have if I want to keep my sanity.  If I posted my email address so anyone could see it I would soon start to get more spam messages then my inbox could handle.  So if you would like to contact me with a question or inquiry please fill out the form and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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